Woburn Business Association Scholarship

The Woburn Business Association’s 2018 Scholarship is given in honor of our late Executive Director, Paul Meaney. Our scholarship will be awarded exclusively to an employee or the child of an employee of a member business. The  application deadline in June 1st, 2018.

WBA Scholarship Application

2018 WBA Scholarship Application
  • Applicant Personal Information
  • Woburn Business Association Member Information
  • All applicants must be employed by or the child of a WBA member business. Please enter the name of the Employee, which may be the same as the Applicant.
  • How long has the sponsoring member been employed by the WBA member business?
  • Answer briefly the below questions. your answers will help the committee determine to whom we award our scholarship.
  • Briefly describe your long and short term goals.
  • Briefly describe the personal traits you feel will best help you achieve your goals.
  • Describe a meaningful achievement and how it relates to your field.