We are proud to share that our organization is now known as the Woburn Chamber of Commerce. Watch this video to learn more and keep an eye out for more website changes coming soon!

HERE Sub-Committee

Hospitality, Entertainment and Restaurant Exchange

Who We Are

Our Mission & Goals

The goal of the Hospitality, Entertainment and Restaurant Exchange subcommittee is to bring together local like minded professionals, to provide a forum in Woburn to network and learn from each other. With networking and community building events including lunch and learns, cocktail hours and more there is something for everyone.

Our goal as an organization is to constantly improve the community as a whole and keep it business friendly. We strive to use our resources at the WBA to continue to improve our offerings and are truly excited to bring the WHRN subcommittee to our members. – Jack Ferren, Reading Cooperative Bank


Bringing Members Together

Across The Restaurant Hospitality and Nightlife Industry

The Hospitality, Entertainment and Restaurant Exchange sub-committee’s core goal is to improve communication between our local businesses, and spark new discussions with city hall. Working together for the betterment of Woburn this committee brings professionals together to talk about issues that affect them and to network. Beyond these meetings members are encouraged to reach out and work together; supporting our buying local initiate as an association.

  • Support the mission of HERE members and improve communication with City Hall
  • Provide a forum that fosters communication between local businesses and encourages buying local

  • Share our member deals and promotions with the Woburn Business Association and community as a whole
  • Increase the opportunities and conversation surrounding Woburn as a hospitality, restaurant and nightlife hotspot



If you are an individual looking to meet other professionals in the field please fill out the form below and you will be added to our email list and notified about future events and opportunities.


If you are a business that would like to get your employees involved, host an event or be a sponsor we welcome and appreciate your support!