Emerging Leaders Mentor Program



The mission of the program is to create a structure for mentees that provides education and opportunity to form supportive relationships, apply program materials, and acquire tools for growth within their companies.

These goals will be met by cultivating a safe environment for early professionals to connect with more experienced professionals and navigate to the next level of their careers. Mentees will also benefit from peer to peer mentoring, creating a comfortable support network that is easily accessible.


Tad Mayer
Career Negotiations
2 Burlington Woods Dr. #100
Burlington, MA 01803





Mentors and Mentees attend a total of six workshops together with their peers. We hold workshops in September, October and November as well as in April, May and June. Each has a different topic related to business or personal growth. For example:

Managing Up

Pushing Past Your Fears

Personal Branding

How to Have Difficult Conversations

The Emerging Leaders program is offered at no charge to our Members and their employees.

If you would like more information or to audit one of the workshops, please contact either Tad Mayer or Heather Maguire.


Heather Maguire
Woburn Business Association
10 Tower Office Park #416
Woburn, MA 01801
(781) 935-0345


Your goal is to support your mentee to build their skills so that they can improve their job performance and grow within their company!

Mentor Expectations:

  • Support your mentee in creating clear program goals and manageable measurables for themselves. You are expected to meet a minimum of once per month.
  • Encourage your mentee to reach out to the resources available to them including the other mentors in the program.
  • Support them in planning strategy and problem solving. Your role is not to provide all the answers, but rather to help them learn how to create their own solutions.



 Mentors and Mentees are paired based upon the stated goals of the mentees and the skill set of the mentor. There may or may not be an overlap in the particular career field of both people. 

Mentee Expectations:

  • Coordinate with your Mentor to arrange a minimum of one meeting per month. Work together to determine the best format, length and mode of communication.
  • Create a clear understanding of your goals and share them with your Mentor. You will work together to determine appropriate and manageable measurables.
  • Communicate the agenda for your meetings with your mentor. You are expected to make good use of their time!



Peer Mentoring

Mentees provide another layer of mentoring and networking by meeting together in pairs outside of the workshops. Each month mentees are assigned a partner with whom they will meet and discuss their experience. At the following month’s workshop, each mentee will introduce the person their partner. The introductions include:

  • Name
  • Business
  • Role/Job Description
  • One of their goals for the program
  • Something interesting you learned about them

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